What does “Lovin You is Fun” mean?

That’s me on the right!

Lovin You is Fun is a blog I am starting to keep track of my weight loss and healthy living style. I am sticking to the idea that loving ME is going to be fun. I am doing this to hold myself accountable for the workouts, healthy living, and such, but I am also doing this for all those out there of any size to show that with hard work and FUN “Loving You is Fun.”

A little background before we get into this whole deal going. I am currently a senior in college, and I weigh 210 pounds. I can’t say that I’ve been at this weight for a long time due to the fact that I have lost roughly 100+ pounds so far. I will be honest when I tell you that it was a struggle for me to begin with. When I went to college initially I was probably at 200 pounds and content with life, then I got into a relationship (which we will not talk about) that caused me to become depressed and lonely so I turned to what I knew best…comfort food and lifetime movies. My weight just sky rocketed from there.

After finally getting out of that horrid relationship I started to work on eating healthy again. After a couple years of going back to healthy eating and  minimal to no working out I lost roughly 100+ pounds. I will tell you 100% honestly that I ate healthy and did not do ANYTHING that would condone unhealthy eating habits or jeopardize my health in any way.

I won’t keep anything secret from you. I will tell you what I did, I will tell you what I am doing, and I will tell you all the dirty little details. My goal weight is 150 pounds, and I am telling you all this because my doctor told me flat out, “Casey, a healthy weight for you is 150 pounds. You are at 230 [at the time] and are at risk of diabetes and other health conditions. You need to change your lifestyle. Permanently.” So, I took her advice and I am back on the mission. The mission to have fun while being healthy.

My eating habits haven’t changed much, although it is hard to stay healthy living on campus, but I made it work and will continue to make it work. So at this point, I am going to tell you about how this blog will work.

You know my goal: Lose 60 pounds while staying healthy and having fun.

Here’s what you will see: A weekly vlog that is posted to youtube, but I will upload here as well. Daily blog discussing new things I am trying, meals that work, and other helpful hints showing the wonders of a fun healthy life style. You will also see Weekly photos showing the progress of my weight loss [including my weight and measurements]. I will be working out with a good friends, and you may even see a few shots of us working out discussing what we are doing. I will create several sections to this blog: breaking it down to Eating Healthy, Workouts, Inspirations, and Music.

Eating Healthy: strictly cover the eating habits, meals that sound good, and a cover of what I eat every day.

Workouts: Photos of us working out, discussion of what workouts help your body how, and a bunch of yoga!

Inspiration: this section is for those of us who need the boost of confidence every once is a while….whether it be a quote, a photo, or just an idea.

Music: everything I do is surrounded by music….so I will create work out playlists, find songs that motivate, etc.

I hope you all stick with me on this last stretch and the beginning of a new lifestyle. Remember, please do not do anything that is unhealthy. Your body will help guide you to the weight, and size you need to be at.

*Side note: I did not pick this title because of the song by Easton Corbin, I later realized what I did, and realized that it is almost the perfect song for me and my blog – my lovely little bit of inspiration is being able to find someone who can say lovin you is fun to me. So for me a goal is to be confident and comfortable enough with myself to find that someone.

~Lovin You is Fun~


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